2016-2017 Winners!

A huge congrats to all of our winners this year!  We had another tremendous class with Faolan Sugarman-Lash, Jacob Schliesman, and Oliver Tiu winning this year.  The applicant pool this year was extremely strong and wading through the 100+ applications was difficult.

Thank you to all of our supporters this year.  I encourage you to read about this years winners as well as the winners from the prior years.  This year's winners are here.

Charity + Magic

Want to help GHG but also want to play Magic?  Well, you are in luck, as there are two events coming up!  Legacy and Standard events are scheduled for the NY area.  Legacy at GeekeryHQ on Feb 21 and Standard at Kirwan's on April 30th.

Donations Were Doubled Through Dec 4

$7,500 in donations to GHG were doubled on December 4th thanks to some anonymous donors!  Thanks to our donors and matchers for making GivingTuesday a success.

Are you feeling sad about missing your chance to double your donation?  Well here are two things that you can still do to help yourself feel better:
1.  Optimize your taxable income by giving to charity
2.  Help a gamer go to college

Shockingly, this can all be done using our donate button on this very website.