GHG Suspending New Awards

The board of Gamers Helping Gamers has decided to suspend the awarding of new scholarships. All existing scholarships (including the two just awarded for 2021 - 2022) will be paid out as the winners progress through school, but no new winners for next year will be picked.

Of note, this means that we do not need any new donations. All past awards were fully funded when made, so we do not need any new money. If you send us a donation we will do our best to not cash it (or send it back with paypal). Instead I urge you to fund another worthy charity of your choice. When GHG formally wraps up operations in a few years (after our recent winners graduate), we plan to donate the remaining funds to either very left-wing orgs in the US or charities working to alleviate global poverty. But to each his own on this.

We hope to put our thoughts down in a longer post or letter about what we learned doing GHG for this decade plus, but for now we wanted to announce this so we don't have to keep turning down donations.

I literally can't figure out how to get rid of the Donate button so please don't use it. Paypal will keep the fee even if we refund it and the idea of Peter Theil and Elon Musk somehow getting another one over on me is too much to handle.

(I know they sold it and I don't care)